CGS provides the security personnel for monitoring services for property owners to provide a safe environment and prevent violence. A security personnel plays many different roles, but their primary task is to prevent crime. The presence of a security personnel on the premises often serves as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. Security guards work in public and private buildings, as well as retail and wholesale establishments. 

As security personnel performs their job, they often patrol both the interior and exterior of the premises where they work. They monitor windows, doors and gates to make sure they're locked properly. If an alarm sounds or there's a disturbance, the security officer is the first on the scene, and is often the one making the call to emergency police, fire or ambulance services. Security personnel might have the responsibility of taking phone calls that come into the business after hours. Some have the task of monitoring the heating and cooling systems of the buildings they guard. Security personnel prepare daily activity logs and reports of any damage to equipment to present to their supervisor.

All CGS security personnel work under the careful direction of local management who understand individual and client requirements. We encourage our officers to interact with customers to provide a personalized service.