Warehouse Automation System

  • Inventory MS
  • Return, Clearance & Settlement
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • DMS Report & Analytics

Delivery man mobile app

  • Inventory acceptance
  • Check-out/Check-in
    • Verify inventory, invoices, and cash collection to start and end the day
  • Delivery Route plan
    • View, schedule or cancel customer visits, access map and print pick up slips
    • Review each customer delivery with SKUs, planned quantity, pricing and notes
  • Payment collection
    • Execute mobile payments, print invoices
  • Product returns, clearance & settlement
    • Capture reasons and quantities for both planned and unplanned return
  • Daily Summary
    • Recap of planned deliveries and sales versus actual in visual dashboard


One time fee
Server installation, configuration,
structure setup fee & licensing

New License: USD x,xxx.00

Monthly Charge: USD xx.00/User